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OBS: Google f√•r ibland f√∂r sig att jag flyttat eller st√§ngt — jag √§r fortfarande aktiv p√• Mariehem.

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What is Offer Studio?

Offer Studio is a body piercing studio located at Mariehem in Umeå, in the north of Sweden. It is a small business run by one person (the piercer) called Offer and has been running since 2007. I have written this page as a summary of the whole web site, since Google Translate isn't always the best. :)

Piercings during the summer

During the summer period in Sweden (especially July and September) there are more micro organisms everywhere (in the air, on hands, in hair, clothing, bed etcetera) which makes the risk of infection higher. This is especially true for cartilage piercings (nostril and harder parts of ear), so if possible you should not have them freshly taken during this time. Oral (tongue, tongueweb) and most genital piercings is not that risky. Give me a call if you have any questions.

How can I make an appointment?

Most days I have available time slots on the afternoon or evening, but that is mostly dependent on other bookings or planned activities. To make an appointment the easiest way is to give me a call at .

During the call I will probably ask:

  • What do you want to do? Buy jewelry, get help with an existing piercing, or do you want to get a new piercing? In that case what, which placement(s) etcetera.
  • Do you know where my studio is located?
  • Do you know that I only take cash? NO debit/credit card nor swish! Only SEK or EUR (no Euro coins, and you will get change in SEK)
  • Between which hours can you come by today? The longer time interval you can suggest, the easier it will be to match with other bookings.

Maybe I can say a time during this first call, but probably I will have to speak to you again. If you are calling from a Swedish number (+46) I will call you back at least one hour before and give you the specific time. If you have a foreign number I will tell you a time to call back. If you have a friend with a Swedish number that you will be with it is often easier and cheaper to just call from that number

If you do have a Swedish number and prefer texting, you can use my SMS booking template.

You can also come to me during drop-in hours. You can see on the front page when the next drop-in is, or give me a call and ask.

Where is your studio?

To avoid you are going to the studio when I'm not there, I will give you the exact address when you make an appointment. To give you some info, it is located at Mariehem, and the closest bus stop is called Nydala (bus 1 and 2 towards Ersboda passes it) and takes 10-15 minutes from the city or 5-10 minutes from NUS/Universitetssjukhuset. The closest ATM is either at NUS (the hopital) or outside Coop Ersboda (Formvägen 4). At Ica Kvantum at Mariehem Centrum it is possible to get up to 2000 SEK from the counter if you have a chip card (except for Nordea cards), the previous bus stop.

What does it cost?

Good that you ask, since I only take cash (SEK or EUR, change only in SEK).

Here is a baseline for my prices:

  • Most piercing (see exceptions below): One for 400-500 SEK with standard jewelry. Two of the same type (two lips, two nipples etc) 700-800 SEK.
  • Softer parts of ear piercings and normal helix: One for 250-300 SEK, two for 450-550 SEK.
  • Other parts of ear piercings: One for 350-400 SEK, two for 600-700 SEK. I strongly recommend adding a cleaning product for 90-120 SEK.
  • Dermal anchors (one point surface piercing): One for 600-680 SEK, two for 1100-1260 SEK.
  • Consultation/Help (piercings done by me): Free.
  • Consultation/Help (piercings not done by me): 100 SEK. If other jewelry and/or cleaning products are needed it costs extra, normally 80-250 SEK.
  • Jewelry: 80-200 SEK/each.
  • Cleaning products: 80-150 SEK

Always bring some extra cash, maybe you need something special to heal better, want a nicer jewelry or a cleaning product.

What kind of piercings can you perform? What is easy/hard to heal and take care of?

I can do most kinds of piercings. Everything from basic ear piercings to surface and genital piercings.

Easy piercings with short healing time (2-6 weeks):

  • Fully oral piercings: Centered/normal tongue piercing, tongue web and smiley.
  • Most female genital piercings: Clitoral hood (VHC and HCH), and inner labia.
  • Easier male genital piercings: Frenulum and foreskin.

Quite easy piercings with normal healing time (3-10 weeks):

  • Septum piercing.
  • Lower and upper lip, vertical lip a bit longer.
  • Dermal anchors (one point piercing).
  • Prince Albert (most common male genital piercing).
  • Outer labia (female genital).

Piercings with healing time 2-6 months:

  • Softer parts of ear (ear lobe).
  • Eyebrow.
  • Nostril (wing of nose) -- can be more tricky depending on the nose and jewelry.
  • Hafada/Scrotum (male genital).
  • Belly button.
  • Nipple piercings -- can be more tricky depending on the nipple.

Piercings with long healing time 3-9 months:

  • Bridge/Erl piercing (between eyes).
  • Cheek piercing.
  • Harder parts of ear (cartilage): Helix, tragus, rook, industrial etcetera.
  • More advanced male genital piercings: Apadravya and ampallang.

How should I take care of my new piercing?

You will get all that information when you are in the studio. In short:

For all piercings:

  • Never touch the piercing with your hands, or other('s) body parts.
  • Stay healthy, don't drink (too much) alcohol the first weeks, especially when it comes to oral piercings.
  • Don't use any strong cleaning solutions.
  • Don't change or remove the jewelry until it is fully healed if you want to keep it the hole.
  • Avoid dirty environments such as saunas and bathing the first weeks. But you should take showers, and it is often wise to clean the piercing directly afterwards.

Special after care instructions for different parts:

  • Oral piercings : Rinse with saline solution (boil yourself, 5 deciliter water + 1 teaspoon salt) after everything you eat and drink except water and toothbrush the first weeks. You should come to the studio and change it, or shorten it, after 1-2 months (2-3 weeks with tongue).
  • Cartilage piercings (nostril and harder parts of ear) : Clean after you have taken a shower (or rinse/wet in other way), and clean with H2Ocean spray (120 SEK) with a q-tip 2-3 times a day, until it has felt good for at least a month.
  • Other facial piercings (including outer parts of lip piercings) : Clean with saline solution twice a day, preferably after taken a shower (or rinse/wet in other way), until it has felt good for at least a month.
  • Piercings below the belt (nipple, bellybutton, genital piercings) : Shower (without a compress/patch) for a while, and clean with a neutral soap (for example Antiseptic Bodysoap from me) twice a day (female piercings once a day). If suitable, put a compress/patch over the first weeks.
  • Surface piercings (including dermal anchors) : Boil saline solution (5 deciliter water + 1 teaspoon salt) and cool down a bit but still quite warm. Put in a cup or a shot glass and place it over the piercing, so it works like an aquarium. Hold it that way for at least five minutes twice a day. But a patch or band-aid over it, especially dermal anchors the first week.

I have more questions!

Give me a call at , preferably on the afternoon. It is also possible to write in the guestbook, and get an email answer. Go to guestbook, in the first field write the number next to it, then email and the text. "Endast Offer" means that my answer will only go to your email. But -- better to just call me. I normally don't answers to text messages from non-Swedish numbers.

SMS booking from Swedish numbers

If you send a message to me from a Swedish (+46) number, you can make an appointment by just texting. If you request a booking template from a non-Swedish number, you will not get any response. If you have other questions than address it is better to call me. To request a booking template send a message to   and write that you want a SMS booking template, and you will get the following back:

SMS booking. Give answer to all these questions:
1. What kind of piercing(s) and/or placement(s) do you want to do?
2. Do you know your way to the studio?
3. Do you know that I only take cash?
4. You are old enough, or have approval from your parent?
5. You want to make the booking from this number? Otherwise write another Swedish cellular number
6. Between which hours today can you come by? (Please write as big time interval as possible to raise the chances that I have time for you)
If you answer all questions satisfyingly you will get a text reply with an exact time or a message that I can't help you (within your interval). Any questions except address, give me a call or read at the homepage

You can send the numbered answers without requesting a template. If you only want to buy jewelry or help with a piercing, just answer 2, 3, 5 and 6.

A satisfying answer could be:

1. I want two piercings in the lower lip, my friend want one nipple piercing
2. Yes, been there before
3. Yes
4. Im 16 but a parent will join us, my friend is 18+
5. No this is another friends phone, my number is 0701234567
6. I can any time from 15:45 and has to be finished 22:30 as latest. Prefer a late time.

Often the answer will be like "Nice, I will get back to you at least one hour before the exact time, so keep an eye on your phone!", and then later something like:

I have time for you 21:15. It is important that you are in time. Don't forget to bring extra cash for nicer jewelry, cleaning products etcetera. Ok?

Make sure you confirm the booking, so I know that you will be in time.

Please, respect the template. I need satisfying answers on all questions before I can make an appointment, so to ask which hours that are available is meaningless since things can change between two text messages.

It is always ok to call — less risk for confusion.